Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 19, 2010

Dream of Darkness

figure in dream

I had a dream the other night…scary.  I was in a parking lot looking for my husband.  It was dusk in the dream, so everything had a grey quality.  It was snowing and I had to watch my step.

I saw the car, wondered why my husband did not get out to greet me, then saw a figure get out of another car.  I knew right away this was a menacing figure…and as soon as I had that thought, he came in for the attack.  He bumped into me hard and I went flying ove r the cars.

My thoughts said, “scream!!!” but as often happens in dreams, I could not get the sound out loud enough.  Then my dream mind thought…”well, it is a good thing you didn’t scream too loud, you wouldn’t want to disturb the other people who are in the parking lot”….that was telling.

In my waking world, my husband heard me crying out and woke me up, saying, “It’s okay…you must be dreaming and trying to yell!”  So I could be heard, after all.



  1. Oh the darkness of dreams. They can be so scary, can’t they! nancy

  2. yes..this one has stayed with me…spooky…

  3. I’ve had dreams not too dissimilar to this one and they do stay with you, don’t they. But the best thing about this is your last sentence – ‘so I could be heard, after all.’ Thoughts of the relief of knowing fears are unfounded spring to mind…

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