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Simple…keep trying to stay in a simplicity mind-set.  But the world gets complicated.  Bringing people in to support…helpful, but adds to the emotions. 

Wanting to be with others and share sometimes goes to “why did I say THAT?”

When is it a friendship, and when is it a different type of relationship…like a client, or a business partner, or a surface social connection…when do we share deeply and when to we protect ourselves with a mask of some sort?

I keep hearing tell of “everything is connected”…your business and your life are connected, people are the connection.  But when do you share about your inner thoughts and ideas…and when do you just sit with them, believe in them, and let them shine through…without talking?

Why do we hide behind things?  I DO feel the need to put on a “mask” to assess the situation…even though others are not necessarily even aware of my existence, I feel they might get in.  What is this about?  What do I think will happen?

Being clear, having clarity of thoughts and actions, brings me back to my higher purpose.  Not above others, just a higher purpose….where my soul wants to go.  Listening more…this always helps…but I like to share…so I continue to look for ways to share my pure, clear self….therein lies the trouble…mucky, muddy and not always clear…*sigh*



  1. “Gulp! She just said something incredibly revealing about who she is, or worse, she asked me to reveal something about who I am! Run for the exit!”

    Right up front, I can say flat out that I should be wearing my mask much more often, HA! Thanks for reminding me… so I don’t so often frighten or cause discomfort in those around me 😉

    • …this is what I wonder…mask or no mask? yep…running for the exit is sometimes my strategy, too!

  2. HUm…I have pondered this many times through my life. When do I keep the mask on and when do I shed it to share more of my self?

    That’s hard, I remove the mask when it feels right. That is different for each person I meet. I do try to maintain a certain amount of professionalism when that is required. I know that doesn’t help you out much but its what I do.


  3. It does help….
    There are times I think it is okay to shed the mask, then I seem to confuse some close friends…they wonder if they really know me. I wonder this myself…

  4. I’ve always been an open book. I have found that not having to conform to what is “expected” is very freeing! On the one hand, there’s no point in people gossiping about you if you told everybody first–hehe! But on the other hand, I was verbally attacked and back-stabbed fairly often in my younger days when I was automatically trusting of everybody–so I absolutely know what it feels like to want to wear a mask. I’m just no dang good at it.

    So I learned that, like a book, you can always present your true cover–but wait until people indicate that they want to read your story. Truth is, most people won’t–but you will attract more like-minded people who are interested in reading your story with an honest book cover. The friends you gain you will always be able to be completely yourself with. To me–if I can’t be accepted as my true self, then they are not really true friends. We all have tons of acquaintances–all the closed book or chapter or two folks. 🙂

    There’s a difference between wearing a mask and keeping your book cover closed–or only letting most people read the inside cover synopsis–hehe! You can always happily be yourself no matter where you are or what you are doing. People learn to be careful what they ask when you will always answer them honesty–ROFL! I just learned not to volunteer anything and everything right off the bat–hehe!

    And if people do take it upon themselves to backstab or gossip or whatever–that is on their soul, not yours. You’re not the one doing it, right? We can only be really close to so many people in our lives, so I guess we can thank those angry people for allowing us to cross them off the list without doubt or guilt–hehe!

    Sorry to talk so long, but this is one of those great life questions I have spent decades pondering. A wonderful, honest post!! I wish for you–friends you can be totally yourself with. :):)

    • Rita, this is a lovely and supportive reply! thank you so much for stopping by!

  5. I totally agree with Rita, that’s exactly what I was about to say, but she said it so much better! I try to be who I am and make choices according to my own inner self, while still looking enough like others to fit in. It’s been a challenge for me since my eldest has gone to school and I’ve had to decide what I’m going to share and not share with the parents there.

    • Lovely…all of these heartfelt comments are so wonderful to read!

  6. Great insights on clarity! The photo, as well as the one for your banner are so simple and elegant. Lovely!

    • The photos are both of Lake Michigan…in the Lower Penninsula and in the Upper Penninsula. Thanks! They are favorites of mine too!

  7. As you are – that acceptance of just being, is truly what it’s about.
    Keep shining, even if the mask is on. 🙂
    Lovely blog, and happy weekend x

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