Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 22, 2010

Dream~Canada Goose

Dream of Canada Goose

In my dream last night…there was an individual asking, “Is it Canadian Goose?  or Canada Goose?”  I knew the answer, yet stayed silent.

I took time this AM to research the Canada Goose totem.  Here is a bit of what I found through my cyber-community-connections:

 Canada Goose, Sacred Connections

(Excerpt from Beyond the Rainbow): A few years ago, while I was working in the Beyond the Rainbow office, a Canada goose landed in my back yard. It appeared to be in some distress, pacing around, flapping its wings, and honking.

A few minutes later another goose arrived. It greeeted the first one, then rose again. The first goose followed it, and soon they were but two specks in the sky, hurrying to rejoin their flock.  Read more…

(Excerpt from the Llwwellyn Journal):  The Snow Goose, the Canada Goose, and his salt water cousin the Brant make winter appearances in farm lands and at the coast. If geese show themselves as your totem, consider your role in your family, workplace or community. Geese form strong family units that stay together beyond the breeding season, traveling to winter territory and later returning to familiar grounds. Could it be time for a visit home? Their usual flight pattern in the “U” or “V” shape is no coincidence of nature.
Read more…

Personal Totem~the Goose

The Snow Goose is associated with the North wind in Greek mythology, and is the animal of the winter solstice on some Native American medicine wheels.   Read more…

What did you dream about last night??



  1. Wow. Synchronicity at its finest. That goose showed up twice, but not to my eyes, only to my hearing. Fascinating. So fascinating.

    So grateful you visited my blog so we could connect, re-visit, and open to these messages…

    My heart has warmed up. Remarkable. I had no idea of th goose totem. No idea.

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