Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | September 27, 2010

Vision Board Workshops


I have been inspired from creatives all over the blogesphere to create vision boards.  From that inspiration, I decided to hold one night a month for vision board workshops in my area. 

Thank you Leah of Creative Every Day!

Here is a glimpse of  the first session:

A wonderful evening creating vision boards!  The focus for the session was on “routine” . 

Our days are filled with lists, schedules, and busy-ness.  There is joy and delight in caring for our families and loved ones…but what about that time with ourselves?  How does that fit into our world of “routine”? 

After taking time to reflect we began to search for images.  The creating of the vision boards was filled with laughter, noticings, color, images, and life.  Everyone’s unique style was evident when we shared.

I wonder what you are noticing now that you look back at your vision board?  Have you pieced it together and glued it?  Have you found just the right place to hang it? 

Jot a note in the comments and let us know what you are discovering about your newly created vision board.

Want to join in the next session?  Click here for more details.

*Some classes vary – check schedule
October 20 – Harvest
November 17 – Bounty
December 15 – Reflection
January 19 – Renewal
February 16 – Hibernation


  1. Our team uses these things on daily basis. At office we have business goals printed in pictures, and we work surrounded by the pictures, models and writings of our personal goals… On the every desk- there is a cute “Porsche” model… in the parking place already two have came to reality 🙂 it is awesome, when these things work every second in Your life, and vision boards help to achieve this routine by programming the subconcious mind to think about and achieve these goals.
    It is fascinating, how this works 🙂

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