Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | October 1, 2010

Tarot~The Devil

Drew the Devil card yesterday in response to a question. 

A couple of things stand out that I just do not want to look at…but I will. 

 This portion from Learning Tarot really resonated with me this week:

experiencing bondage
accepting an unwanted situation
being obsessed
feeling tied down against your will
losing independence
allowing yourself to be controlled
being addicted and enslaved
submitting to another

There is a situation that I have to resolve myself. Yep, even if I get support from others (which I do, I do!)  I get bothered by too much over-thinking.   I “allow others” to control me.

 This sometimes leads me to not being completely clear on where I wish to go.  And making things clear to others.  I want to hide behind their issues and/or problems and act as if I do not have any other agendas of my own.

Starting a new venture brings out my vulnerability.  I need to be around others who are safe.  This does not always happen when we take a risk.  So, I have learned that I need to continue to be clear up front.  As clear as I can be…but with a “business”, I have to make clear the “mud” of creative thinking.

So…onwards…inwards and use this experience to support my next step….


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