Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | October 7, 2010

Acapella Affirmations

Acapella Affirmations

For years, I sang with my family at home, in church, outside, with my friends, at school…I have always loved to sing and it always seemed to be all around me.

As I have gotten older, I have had to work harder to find places to sing.  And to sing with others…well, unless I join a choir, church, or musical theatre group…I have found it is missing from our society.

So…I began to write “A Melody a Day”.  Being inspired by Creative Every Day, I found it was fun to write melodies (and then words) each day.  Basically, each song was a bit of whatever was going on in my life that day.

From there, I began to notice that many of the songs would stay in my head…or the words would run through my mind when I needed them….AHA!  These were those elusive “affirmations” I could never quite write in my journal, but in song…well, I felt freer to express the basic (sometimes mundane and insipid!) goings-on of my life.

Now, I have put the “affirmations” together and am writing more.  These can be downloaded here.

I hope you will enjoy them…as I do.  Simple.  Daily.  Affirmations in song.


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