Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | October 21, 2010

Vision Board Workshop~Harvest

 vision board~harvest

What a delightful night of connecting through thoughts, ideas, and images!

The beginning of our session set the intention with the idea of “harvest”; what have you gathered, what will you keep, what will you let go, and what will you share…from this early fall harvest?

The choosing of images for our vision boards was a wonderful time of sharing, laughing, and noticing. 

If you joined in last night, and would like to share your experience here, feel free to comment!  What have you noticed?  If you were at the previous vision board workshop, and wish to comment here on where things are for you a month later…we welcome your thoughts!

Did you create a vision board?  Share your vision board here!

The next vision board workshop will be November 17.  Mark your calendars!
Click here for more information.



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