Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | October 25, 2010

Creativity…every day


Each day I find something to create.  I often ask myself…what is the point?  How will drawing, creating a melody, taking a picture…really change anything? 

Well, I have discovered that merely the act of doing something that brings me a bit of joy is in and of itself a discovery.  And though I may not see where it leads at the moment, the culmination of this daily act of creativity has a stong connection to my life as a whole.

I try to over-analyze everything.  So, just creating a picture in the colors I love, writing a silly melody, taking a picture…just because…brings the “divine” into my daily life.  I do not need to explain it.  I just create and revel in the joy it brings.



  1. That is wonderful that you are finding meaning in your creations, as our creations are like the gateways into our soul, and by attuning to them we are discovering who we truly are in the process. 🙂 A very continuous happy creative every day. I am having a Giveaway on my blog this week, and it is ‘Halloween’ themed. You are more than welcome to enter. 🙂

    • Hi Ana,
      Thank you for those wonderful words:) Yes, my soul fills with joy with even the smallest moment of “noticing” and being mindful of the creativity all around and within.

  2. I agree. On the days that I make time to create, I am infused with a sense of joy and accomplishment. It is invigorating!

    • Yes! And I sometimes have to go outside and run around to get the continued “energy” to dissapate! so fullfilling!

  3. Oh yeah! The act of creating anything, a photo a recipe a drawing or painting…is so joyful! Way to go!

  4. Love this intentional process. Creativity practiced daily can only bring about positive results. Not necessarily focused on the result, just the process. Good stuff for the brain and the soul!

  5. The process…every day…I love the mystery of where it might lead:)

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