Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 12, 2010

Mini-Vision Boards as part of my organization

 I have been using index cards to help me organize.  This technique I learned from my creativity coach Quinn Creative.  It was a wonderful discovery.  I am VERY visual, so I use the cards (as Quinn said) as a tarot deck, of sorts.  I can lay all of the cards out and get a “picture” of my day/week/month.

Looking further, I found this method in detail on 43 Folders.  It is a method that is working VERY well for me.

Recently, I have begun holding Vision Board workshops.  Through working with others, and creating my own vision boards, I have begun to really see the value in the “visuals” and the metaphors of images.  Also, I have a LOT of magazines in all of my work areas…so I have put them to work.

Here is where it all comes together…I am now creating “mini-vision boards” on the notecards that are in my stack.  When the words are not enough…I pull out a magazine, think about the “metaphorical meaings” of my to-do list and cut away!

Now, when the words on the lists overwhelms me, I look at my mini-vision board and connect to the greater metaphor.  Soul work in organization:)

Two examples are provided here in this post. 



  1. I have a journal of vision boards and one big one on my wall. I agree that it is great to have them to look through although I tend to use mine for long term yearnings rather than like tarot cards. that is an interesting idea. I have spirit cards I made and use like Tarot but they’re for internal only, not external (more like the major arcana I guess). Great post!

  2. Great idea to see your day/week/month laid out on index cards. I agree, vision boards can be very powerful.

  3. […] a “vision card” for any area that is resonating for […]

  4. […] a “vision card” for any area that is resonating for […]

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