Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 1, 2010

Take a risk…everyday

 In Susan Jeffers’ book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, she asks us to take a risk every day.

When I think of risks…I think, well, might I mountain climb?  sky dive?  Ski from a helicopter?

Then, I read what she has written…and I begin to look for the small risks I need to get me through each day.  These surprise me…as they do not really seem like risks…but they are…to me:

  • call the eye dr to set my next appt
  • call the salon to get a hair cut
  • walk the dog on her lead in a new neighborhood
  • record receipts
  • set a budget date and stick to it
  • allow my kids to make mistakes
  • pick up the ringing phone
  • write in my journal…when I feel like I have nothing to say
  • go to a new restaurant
  • write a song
  • get on the airplane
  • call to set dates for a presentation I will do
  • draw my dreams (even when I feel like I really cannot draw!)
  • send a hand written letter
  • say I am sorry…when I am wrong or have hurt someone
  • take the blame for something I have done

There are more…but I am beginning to feel REALLY uncomfortable.

So one risk every day.  I will take the next 30 days to do this.  Feel the fear, and do it any way.

What risk will you take today?



  1. Great idea. Taking a risk is how we define it, and there are many uncomfortables to push through, big and small. Thanks for reaching out!

    • Yes…big and small…I found it more more difficult than I thought to even write those thougts out! My risk for today:)

  2. Yes, picking up the phone can be a risk, making a phone call…we all have different levels of comfort. I really like how you’ve brought risk taking into every day living.

    You gave me an inspiration. I just went through my leftover emails — the ones I don’t delete because I have to DO something with each one. It’s over 30 items long. So I accept a challenge — I will respond to one of those emails every day. Tiny, but all risks, all difficult.

    Thanks, Susan, for a great idea.

    • HA! I am the same way…must keep those emails! Like the old shirts and shoes I will use when I paint the house one day:)

      Challenge ON!!! Let me know how it goes, Bo:) Great idea!

  3. Susan,
    What a great post. You’re right, these are the little risks we need to take everyday, especially as entrepreneurs! Suzanne Evans says she built her business so quickly because she was willing to make a fool of herself every single day.
    Thanks for the inspiration – I am going to make a risk list too!

    • Just going through my posts! thanks so much for the comment, Sandra! How is your risk taking going?

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