Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 17, 2010

Vision Board December

 My vision board turned out to be VERY colorful…and so full of …well, me:)

I am going to list out the images that showed up:

  • humming birds (see below)
  • wolf
  • baby
  • snowflakes
  • brooms
  • whales
  • ferns
  • roasted vegetables
  • ancient coins
  • wildflowers
  • misty mountains
  • nebula

Many, many images that pull from my psyche…and draw me into the solstice and beyond.  Each image holds a special knowledge for me.  There are two that have really jumped out into my life right away.

The humming birds (which also showed up on my last vision board), were in a dream I had last March.  I wrote a song then and have posted it here:

And I was wondering what the wolf was about…well, a lovely woman named Laura stopped by my blog today.  She connected with my One Risk a Day post (she has a Risk a Day blog site:).  I found this video on her site:

Did you see the wolf?  What power lies in the images of our psyches…and that we can pull them onto a page and watch another layer of our life unfold.


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