Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 23, 2010



The boys are creating sculptures out of Wikki Stix.  Takes me back to all of the days tilled with projects, hikes in the woods, playing on playgrounds…and this remains.  All of that joy for “play” shows up when we have “no TV days” at least once a week.

With the holidays here, I get to thinking about “traditions” and wonder  if we have created enough…how do you know?  Well, when your child says, “OOOOOOHHHH…I just love the feeling I get when the lights go on….you know, that FEELING!”…that works.

So, as I begin to branch out, and a bit more away from being “mommy”, I find the wonder of discovery and “play” for myself.  There is guilt sprinkled in…have I done enough?  And then I see the boys create on their own, hold their own views in a conversation, notice a “feeling” and express the joy or frustration of it…and give hugs…well, yes…I feel that “FEELING”, too.

Whew!  So on with creating each day for my own life…knowing the groundwork has been set, with more joys and sorrows along the journey, but a strong foundation to continue to build…and be free.



  1. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to be able to step back and watch your “creations” share their own expressions of life? Parenting…a creative process of loving and letting go.

  2. Enjoy the journey and happy holidays!

  3. Susan, I love this post ~ I read it yesterday, and wanted to comment and share, but there were just so many things on my plate. Your thoughts are genuine, and reflect the desire and validation we experience as we watch our children grow.
    So glad you decided to add the writing with your pictures today!!! Thank you ~

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