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Creating Vision Cards for Daily Organization
© Susan Loughrin 2011

I thought I would delve a bit deeper into “how to calm the chatter” through organization.   I find that many of my “energy leaks” have to do with wasting time worrying or panicking that something is not getting done.


Here is my list for what is working to bring me back on track:

  1.  Notecards (as my daily To Do list)
  2. Schedule time to fill out notecards
  3. Choose just 3 things to get done each day (stick to this!)
  4. Create colors code for each different “area” in my life
  5. Give indepth focus to each area
  6. Create a “vision card” for any area that is resonating for me

This is all very linear…I think that way.  However, the notecards are visual (which helps me later to actually “picture” the notecards, if needed, in my mind) and this way I can spread the cards out like a Tarot deck to see all of them.

Number 6 is where I want to focus today.  Going deeper into my “areas” or “tasks” from the note cards, I begin to see that there is more energy there than just the words on each card.  An energy that needs to be expressed in a different way.

Picking a topic or “area” from my notecards, I will visualize where I want to go.  I just let the thougths, images and ideas flow through me.  Then, I get out the magazines, scissors and glue stick and get to work.  I pull images that flow with my thoughts and imagination.  I then arrange the images that fit best for the “visualization” and attach those to a blank notecard.

Why do the vision cards?  Why not just stick to the linear words?

I have found that the words help me to focus on the “tasks” involved in each area of my life.  When I start to panic or worry, I can visualize the “words” and know that just the right amount of work can be done each day (3 things, only 3!  the rest will have to wait to be scheduled in the coming weeks, months and even years).

The image cards are there when I am feeling confident in my “tasks or to do list”.  I can then look at the vision cards and picture “what lies beyond”.  Since these vision cards are primarily images, my brain goes into a dream state and just connects with color, light, images and feelings.

This is difficult for me as I feel the need to be linear in my goal planning.  But, I have discovered that the vision cards take me to a place where my imagination can be more free to flow.  Where possibilities are more open.  A bigger space to dream and allow the universe to see my intention or thoughts on what is important to me…to my soul.

Susan Loughrin is an Arts Consultant and Creativity Coach.  She helps others see the joy and creativity in their every day lives.  Her monthly e-zine, Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter,  brings inspiration through creativity ideas and activities that can be implemented every day. If you are ready to learn how to bring creativity and wonder into your daily life, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at



  1. Great idea, Susan!

    • Thanks, Amira. It works out really well…always having note cards on hand….

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