Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | January 16, 2011

Inside~pictures of the ordinary

 I began to notice that I am not posting as often, as I am putting some time and effort into writing and marketing for my business plan.

However, I miss creating every day…something more than organized writing and marketing (which I also find very creative:)  So, being in the house a bit more, and not out in nature as much…as I just do not feel like braving the cold every day, I am looking around the house for images that catch my interest.

Candles… and the lights at night were the subject for last night. 

The candle above was near a crystal ball.  So I captured some images within the orb:


Looks like planets!  and eclipeses…amazing!  In just a few minutes, from orgainary objects in the house, I found the universe.

  So what will I discover tonight?  Stay tuned!



  1. Very cute! Here’s mine
    If you have twitter, follow me (MsMatsui)

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