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Learning to Crawl~Thoughts on Babies and Learning as Adults

 For the Creative Every Day Challenge, I have challenged myself to write articles.  These articles have been forming in my journals over the years and I am happy to have the “challenge” of getting to write them!

The article this week is one that I have thought about since my children were infants (the oldest is now 14!)  So, we are always creating, using our experiences, and connecting into our futures! 

After you have read the article below, let me know what you think!  Leave a comment, as I would love to hear from you:)

Learning to Crawl~Thoughts on Babies and Learning as Adults
©2011 Susan Loughrin

When a baby is learning to crawl, the focus on speaking stops for a while.  At least this is what I observed with my own children.  All of the baby’s energy goes into the focus on crawling-a new physical skill that takes over all of the baby’s energy and focus.

Here is the general pattern I observed:
Baby Moving:  Crawl, Crawl, Crawl
Baby Speaking~”Da, da, da, ma, ma ma…”
Stop- back to all fours
Baby Moving: Crawl, Crawl, Crawl
Stop-looking around, touching an object
Baby Moving:  Crawl, Crawl, Crawl
Crawling Mastered!

Short lived in a life span, but important.  Yet…it does continue in my life as an adult.  Here is how…

When I start a new project, it feels like learning to crawl .  The focus and energy goes into that project.  I move through the steps of the project, keep my focus on the final destnation, revise, finalize and ship the project. Crawling mastered!

Where I falter is when the project reaches a road block or I distract myself with other-shiny new-ideas.   This also begins to look to me like the time the baby plops her tush on the floor and begins to babble, looks around, or grabs a toy.  Then, for no apparent reason, she gets back on all fours and begins the hard work of learning to crawl again.

What changes the intention of sitting and observing or babbling back to the focus of crawling for the baby?  As I ponder this question, I decided to take some time to write out what these scenarios look like for me; connecting to the baby crawling metaphor:

Crawling:  Goal Setting for a project,steps it will take and deciding on a “ship” date.
Crawling:  Working through the steps of the project with intention
Stop/babble:  Revise the project.  Re-work ideas.  Think.
Stop/babble:  Distractions, sitting, observing, refoucusing, doing other things that need to be done
Crawling:  Back to the project
Crawling Mastered: Complete the project.  Ship the project!

Simplifying this process has helped me to focus.  Taking the time to notice the pure, clear intention of a baby learning to crawl reminds me that we must put energy into creating something.  Other things must be put aside for a while, to focus our energy.  When I get distracted, I can notice the essence of that distraction and support myself to getting back to the focus.

A new project is forming.  I am preparing to “learn to crawl” once again.  How about you?


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  1. Love this analogy, Susan. I will keep it in mind the next time I want to stop and babble, or play with a new toy, when there is that crawling (very slowly) project to finish! 🙂

    • Yes! Thank you for reading this, Bo! I truly appreciate your comments and wisdom!

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