Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 3, 2011

Dream of Polar Bear

 Dream of Polar Bear

I dreamed last night that I was hanging onto a quickly moving glacier.  On that glacier, was a HUGE polar bear.  He was hanging on with his teeth and paws very tightly.   I could see his teeth, paws and claws up close.  He was sending me messages telepathically.

We were racing in circles around the gun-metal grey waters of the north.  There was a waterfall coming up close and I steered the glacier away from it quickly and steadily.  I felt like I was in the game of crack the whip, out of control, but strangely in powerful control.  Whirling energy!

There were other things happening in this dream, but the important message was the bear.  I was looking closely at his teeth and claws, learning how to dig in deep, even as the waters churned around us.  I was also thinking in the dream about how to re-create this image somehow in a visual artform.  I was thinking of the amazing images of the Pacific Northwest Native Americans.

Upon awakening, I wrote in my journal.  Then, I went to the computer to look up some images to try and “practice” that particular artform.  I found the image above.  I then looked up the artist, who is Bill Reid.  I then went over to a print that we have hanging in our home that we bought in Seattle years ago.  Guess who made the print?  Yes, Bill Reid!  Here is that image below:

 So now my continued focus on Pacific Northwest Haida will continue.

The other interesting thing about this dream is that Mary T.  told me I had a native american spirit guide.  I have been asking my dreams to send me some connection to him.  He has silver hair and shows up in my dreams very often.  I am usually given a silver object, and last night in my dream I was wearing a silver ring.  He appeared as the “silver bear” last night.  I will continue to watch for him, and learn.  (oh, and btw, the snow shovel we use is called a “silver bear” and with all of the work we have been doing on the snow in the driveway…well, the humor from the universe is not lost on me!)

Poem by Silver Bear

The Commission Given to “Flying Horse”

By The Mystic Medicine Chief “Silver Bear”

When you walk in darkness

It is no use carrying a lantern

Whose light cannot be seen.

For, then, every step you take

Will be a hesitation into the unknown

Where any tiny pebble on the Path

May cause you to trip or stumble,

Or the slightest impediment,

A cause for you to give up

And abandon the journey

To try, perhaps, another path.

So make a lantern,

Lit from the Red Indian fire

And whose light shines clear

For the way you’ve come

To be see and marked,

And the way ahead to hold no fear

For others who come after you

To walk with an assurance,

Seeing by light from a torch you have left.

For those who walk this Path

Should not be left to grope in the dark

When light can make them aware

That the Path is beautiful

And the steps they take

Can be a coreography of beauty, too.

Where all who will may Dance in Beauty

Around their own hearth fire

What they need to light the Way

Is a lantern that is bright.

So make one,

Lit from the torch you have been given.

The eight-rayed Torch.

The Flame Within

That illuminates the Eight Directions.

Make one

Be a Sun, Grandfather



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