Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 8, 2011

Ladybug on my Bag

Wish Fulfilled 
 (Yesterday there was a ladybug on my purse. 
I was delighted!  I looked around a bit, and
found the words below.)
The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck and
protection in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled.
Fall and Spring are the most abundance times for a person
with a Ladybug totem.
Higher goals and new heights are possible with a Ladybug totem.
Worries begin to dissipate.  New happiness comes about.
Their presence signals a time of shielding from our own aggravations and pests.
Its coloring, red and black, is a warning to predators
and we need to give that same clear warning to our enemies.
Stay back!  I’m dangerous if attacked!
Lady bug is never the aggressor, but it will defend.
Ladybug also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams.
Let things flow at their natural pace.
In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true.

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And this….

LadyBug Life, Rebirth, Abundance, and Hope.

Lady bugs, a type of winged beetle, is a gardener’s friend in keeping other more harmful bugs out of the flower beds. Lady bugs with their bright red shells and black spots carry the magik of rebirth. Red and black are the colors of thoughts and manifestation. Often Ladybug will appear to us when we have an opportunity to succeed, grow, and start something new. All of the beetle family transforms from larvae to adult, showing us we too can transform our lives. Ladybugs can consume large quantities of aphids and other harmful bugs which eat and destroy plants. When we garden with more conscientious we can be aware of this balance within the garden. Allowing nature to show us how it takes care of the pests, without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. So as Summer begins to fade into Fall watch for Ladybug to fly into your life. Let Ladybug consume your unwanted fears and encourage new adventures.



  1. I smiled when I read this (when you posted it) … It made me think of Under the Tuscan Sun …”Ladybugs, lots of ladybugs.” 🙂

  2. I saw a ladybug in my purse and today I made the first step in a new direction; this post is inspiring me right now 🙂

    • Wonderful:) Lovely ladybugs…. Good to know they are connecting with you, too!

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