Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 18, 2011

Patiently Waiting by Susan Loughrin

Patiently Waiting
©2011 Susan Loughrin

Acapella Affirmation: Patiently Waiting
©2011 Susan Loughrin 

Patiently Waiting
I’m waiting
Wanting to be in the sun
Patiently Waiting
I’m waiting
A light shines and now it’s begun 
Between projects there is a (space).
Before your next breath there is a (space).
After a celebration there is a (space).
What if you invite yourself to patiently wait within that space?
What if you hold the stillness between the events? 
What if you pause, notice the pause and live in it patiently for a moment?

We are so all-consumed in this society.  It takes patience to not always be overwhelmed by doing.  When you find yourself in an open space, it can be very scary; strange to those of us who thrive on do, do, doing, to wait, patiently.

Overdoing causes stress.  Listen and watch for the overdoing.  You will be left with an open space of waiting.

Notice your breath in certain moments.

Celebrate an accomplishment. 

Then, sit in the new (space) created.  Just experience the vastness.  It takes patience to wait; to be still to get in touch with the wide open, sometimes vastly empty “space”.

But I encourage you to wait.  To stay.  To patiently wait for the space to be filled with the essence of you.

This is that time when the veil is lifted and you can experience true “being”.  This is when the light will shine.  And you will know you are ready to create again. 


Acappella Affirmation


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Susan Loughrin is an Arts Consultant and Creativity Coach.  She helps others see the joy and creativity in their every day lives.  Her monthly e-zine, Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter,  brings inspiration through creativity ideas and activities that can be implemented every day. If you are ready to learn how to bring creativity and wonder into your daily life, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at



  1. Susan,

    I love your website! Great photos, songs, poems and messages. Keep up-leveling 🙂


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