Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 22, 2011

Dream of Hawk

I had a dream the other night (asking the “dream-maker” for help locating something I had missplaced).  I dreamed of Hawk. 

First, he soared in and looked at me with his focused yellow eye.  Then, he became silly, and danced through the yard in my dream:

…which cracked me up!

I took a look at the hawk totem:  visionary, connecting heaven and earth, messenger.

I thought about the hawk’s eye in the dream.  Forceful and focused.  Then, the dancing on the earth…light and fun.  So there are deeper meanings to the dream that are supporting my growth.

And on the lighter side, I did find what I was looking for…stored in a book, at a page that said “Get rid of your BIG issue”…funny:)



  1. I love dreams … they fascinate me. Last night I dreamed that I was standing in the back floorboard of our SUV, and my friend, Gloria, was gently and inconspicuously flicking white sand on me, from a big bag of sand in the floorboard. I felt it on my leg at first, and then realized that she was flicking it all over me, and my delicate white dress, and the sand was covering my torso. Guess I should give Gloria a call 🙂

    • How interesting…what does the color white signify to you? and the sand…wild!

      Let me know what Gloria says when you call:)

  2. Very interesting. A minimalist look but very expressive. Well done!!

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