Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 28, 2011

Hero’s Journey


She took the steps forward, tiny steps, filled with the yellow glow which prepared the way before her.  She felt the earth beneath her crack and split open…slowly.  The newness of “what could BE” was upon her.

She felt the howling deep within her bones…as if she were a part of the swirling earth herself.  Little ones and animals crawling all over her and she howled.  She howled with joy and abundance, the pain of change.  As she howled, they too, joined inthe call until the howling was absorbed into her body and she was howling with the wolf/cat/child who rested on her chest.  Howling as the earth curled around them and held them in with a spiral of deep, sonorous force.

She rested.

Then, she traveled down into the brown earth,  Where the pipes leaked and dripped.  Where the darkness beckoned and called to her in a hideous laugh.  Where pebbles were thrown to distract her from the lighted path above.

She listened to the laughter.   She asked for the fear to show itself.  She stood in the dark, dripping depths of the earth and felt its dispair.  But the light at the top of the steps beckoned once again.  She had confronted the dank darkness.  She spoke to fear.  She slowly began to ascend back to the light.  Even with the mocking laughter still echoing in her ears, she made it back up.

She saw the girl walking towards her on the path, hair as black as raven.  As she had this thought, the girl’s hair lifted and took flight…as raven…taking the shattered beauty and sparkles from the girl up to the heavens to store with other objects that glitter in the light.

Her journey then moved her to the frozen waters far to the north.  Her waste was submerged and her fingers held tight to the swirling iceberg.  Along for this journey was polar bear.

The two were of one mind-girl and bear.  They traversed the swirling frigid waters riding smoothly and swiftly along the current and waves.  The surface of the freezing was  water was slick as ice.  They skimmed along twisting and turning to avoid the abyss with a quick mental connection of physical force.  They rode the frozen water with ease and shining beauty.

She then appeared at the water’s edge with brown bear, who cleansed her of her fatigue of the womb and cleared the way for new energy.  She emerge loved, supported and filled with new inner hope.

She now sees the light of the star and a fair way down the tunnel, but shining and reachable.

The path is effortless, as she has laid the ground work in her dreams and psyche.  She has the energy and resources of the earth and her animal magic to give her strength to bring her to this new sense of being.  Ready to enter the world of the humans once again.

words and images by Susan Loughrin

Steps of the Hero’s Journey below:

1. Leaving the old Status Quo. Stepping into the unknown to find your calling or answer a call
2. Facing fear of the unknown, loss, grief, uncertainty, or obstacles
3. Finding gold (your true self) – and your transforming idea
4. Integrating your vision into your life and work
5. Returning to the Ordinary World and expressing your Golden Self to create your new status quo
6. Experience well-being by striving toward excellence using your unique talents and potential for the good of others-Aristotle called this Eudaemonia. (This is the gift of the Hero’s Journey.)



  1. Have you heard of The Virgin’s Promise by Kim Hudon? Sort of a new, more feminine take on the hero’s journey. I’ve found it to be an incredible creative inspiration (even though the book is written for screenwriters).

    “The Virgin begins her story in a Dependent World. She carries her kingdom’s hopes for its continuation, which are contrary to her dream for herself. At first, she is afraid to go against her community and realize her own dream, but then she has a small opportunity to follow her dream in secret. She acknowledges her dream by dressing the part she was meant to play, if only temporarily. Enlivened by this first experience, the Virgin goes back and forth, juggling the two worlds, enhancing her dream in the Secret World, while appeasing her Dependent World. Eventually she no longer fits in either world and she gets caught shining. In this crisis the Virgin has a moment of clarity and gives up what has been keeping her stuck and recognizes she has the ability to realize her dream. The kingdom goes into chaos. Now, she wanders in the wilderness trying to decide whether she will make herself small again to make people happy or choose to live her dream. She chooses to be true to herself! She loses her protection and it is grim, but the kingdom re-orders itself to accommodate the blossoming Virgin, and the kingdom becomes a brighter place to live.”

    Think movies like “Bend it Like Beckham” and “Ever After” and even “Brokeback Mountain.” It’s been extremely helpful for me as a writer.

    • Jill this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing…I will share with others! It is so needed to have the feminine perspective. A different feeling, altogether!

  2. Beautiful unfolding … I love the journey you’re on!
    xo Jane

    • You too! so many new “teaching” adventures you are exploring, Jane!

  3. That opened my heart today. Thank you, Susan.

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