Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 16, 2011

Accomplishment: Celebration for Creative Moments

 Origami Cube

I just saw one of the origami cubes I made last year.  Seeing it made me smile.  It reminded me of patience, accomplishment, practice, discipline and connection.  I made this box last year creating origami with my boys.

Teaching others (and ourselves) to do one small intricate thing can bring a sense of calmness-of meditation. (Also, some frustration and upset!)  But continued focus toward completion brings a sense of satisfaction,  creating a moment of creativity in our lives that is multi-faceted.

Why do these small creative things each day?  What is the benefit?

Taking a moment to do one simple creative thing each day, adds to the larger picture of our lives.  We heal our frenzied minds.  We calm-or bring forth energy-to do a task.  When that creative task is completed, we have a sense of accomplishment.  Being excited about creating something intricate is satisfying. Celebrate it!

How does this connect to the larger picture of our lives?  I think of it like this: “When we move one grain of sand, we change the universe”.  Each tiny act builds on to others until we have connected ourselves into the intricate fabric of one-ness.

So, Create one small thing today.  Celebrate your accomplishment.  Notice where this leads.

It is a year later and I see this origami box and feel like I have accomplished something great.  It was a difficult creative task when I made the box.  I struggled, but I finished it!  and the box remais on my table as a reminder to celebrate the small, intricate creative acts of everyday life.


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