Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 5, 2011

Creating One Simple Thing Each Day

I have been taking time to work on my new website!  Soooo excited!

However, I find it equally important to create one simple thing each day.

I have been drawing images from my dreams.  This brings me great joy, it is simple (as I choose ONE important image and recreate it with the art supplies I have around the house) and it can be done each morning as a part of my morning ritual.

How do you create something each day?



  1. Susan,
    What you are doing is a wonderful way to reconnect with the lessons that your dream is bringing to you, and expressing it through creation you automatically give it power.
    Every day there is always something newly created in whatever form it may be for me, either through painting, photography, or simply being of service to others. I feel we are naturally creators in our own right and everything we give out is our own artwork.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Love and light. xx

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