Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 6, 2011

Dream Captures

 In my dream last night, I was handed a piece of mica with a circle of brown earth, or lichen on it.  It was given by a friend for me to give to my son.  I felt it was too precious to take from her, and asked her to keep it safely for awhile until he would be ready to receive it.

The image I drew is the basic shape of the gift.  I wonder what it signifies?



  1. … and you hold that gift, each gift, in your heart until he is ready.

    Hugs 🙂

  2. Dear Susan,
    What an amazing powerful gift to receive!
    It seems like we are in sync at the moment in our lives, as just the other day when I was communicating with my guides I received a gold circle by a reptilian. At first I didn’t take it, just like you as I wasn’t sure what it was. The next day I returned to the safe place where I usually have direct communication with my guides and I realized what that gold disc circle meant, and how it was of benefit to me, so I took it and thanked the reptilian who gave it to me, and then integrated it into my aura and eventually it merged into my chakras. The gold disc for me represented connection to the highest level so I placed it above my crown chakra (my head) just outside the first layer of the aura.
    Perhaps when you are ready you shall return to collect your gift, and then you will know what it means to you. 🙂
    Love and light xx

    • Yes…I wonder what the significance of this gift is…it was clearly to give to my son, and in the dream I felt he was not quite ready. This could also mean I am not quite ready to receive it and give it away…

      This makes sense, as my son is growing up…ready to take on new adventures…and I am not quite ready to let go.

      I will find a safe time and place to re-visit this gift again….thanks for the insights, Ana:)

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