Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 8, 2011

Infinity Sign

Reading tarot today.  The two of pentacles came up reminding me to be flexible and have fun!

I decided to use this image to create a drawing today.

Creating one simple thing each day.



  1. Dear Susan,
    Your painting is incredibly powerful!
    Already I see the interpretation it brings. 🙂
    It’s interesting as I have also painted an infinity sign on the weekend and it had my base chakra and my heart in another. The painting was twofold representing balance of infinity. On the bottom it had the root chakra in red, and showed me how important it is for me to ground myself and how when I do, my heart blossoms out of the roots. Also from the other angle where the heart was, it showed me that when I live authentically from the heart, my light expands into a spiral that continues to beam outward.
    It’s amazing what we can learn from our expressions, because they have the answers for everything that is within us! 🙂
    I’m so happy to be here.
    Love and Light xx

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