Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 9, 2011

Dream Captures

Sometimes the images in my dreams scare me.  The other night I dreamed that there was a dog/fox all black driving a car into the driveway of the house I just left.  I could see that he was watching me (and oh what big ears he had!) and could hear my every move.

Wondering on this image…canine, human capabilities, staying just out of reach, but fully aware of what I was doing.

As I drew this image, I got a creepy feeling.  I am still wondering on the significance of this guy…but not anything definite.  I think it has to do with emotions that I just cannot name directly.

I then saw the moon last night…just gorgeous through the trees

and felt how wonderous the world is.  This sort of greatness dissipates the fears…holds them at bay…




Then, I drew the Moon Tarot this morning.  The image of the dog/fox came back to me (prompting me to draw it) and the moon that I saw outside last night.

So what is it?  Darkness?  Emotions leaning toward the unknown?  Will dig deeper and discover.

What did you dream last night?



  1. Dear Susan,
    Sounds like you have been encountering a mixture of experiences regarding your dream state, and your waking life.
    Have you wondered that perhaps your dream had to do with qualities in you that you either need to bring forth, or that have been hidden for a while? Reason I ask is that whenever animals come to us in dreams, again they represent hidden qualities about what they are, and what we can learn from them. The fox represents wisdom/cleverness, and is a reminder that one can utilize all our seen and unseen resources. Also the fact that your picture is in black makes it even more interesting, as black is a grounding color to protect in the positive.
    The dog is a very loving animal always protecting it’s owner. At the same time the dog loves looking out for others, and is always one to serve people.
    The fact that you drew a mixed figure of a fox and a dog together makes it even more interesting, as it feels like there is qualities in them both that are coming to the surface, and perhaps represent who you are or qualities in you?
    What is even better about this dream is the fact that the figurine is in control of the wheel and although it may look scary and have given you the shivers, perhaps it counts as a greater lesson to affirming the qualities or person you are and can bring to your life right now.
    I hope that helps, and resonates with you?
    I have been dream interpreting since I was quite young (child), and I also have a very strong connection with nature and the animals and the lessons that they bring to us.
    Love and light. ~
    Ana xx

  2. If you are interested, I can help you connect to the power animal you have right now if that helps. 🙂 x
    Love and light xx

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