Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 18, 2011

Dream Captures

Dream of my son with colorful, delightful, images drawn on his back

I have been continuing to capture images and colors from my dreams.  There is SO much that goes on…so much imagination…that I am often exhausted from all of the dreaming!  Due to the non-linear structure of dreams, I find most often it is best to just ride them out, and pull meaning from significant images recalled.

Upon awakening, I write out everything I remember from my dreams.  I then go through each dream and circle the words that seem to have significance.

 Then, I choose one and do a simple drawing…just to capture the essence of the image, colors or feeling from the dream.

Recently, I have found I like to draw using markers as the outline of the image and crayon to color them in.  This reminds me of childhood, which is good, because that was when I was the most open-minded.  The markers give definition to the images and the crayons give the softness that is a part of my dream’s texture.

Why do this? Why capture my dreams?

I have found that creating a journal that captures my dreams allows me to look back later and see how significant images/feelings/ideas show up in my waking life.  Sometimes it is immediate, but at times it may be years later! Last night…I dreamed of a beautiful brown fur coat and over it I put a stunning red fur cape!  As I looked in the mirror, I said aloud in the dream, “Now, all I need is a pair of shining red patent leather boots!”  Think there is anything significant in this dream, hmmmm?

What did you dream last night?

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  1. An art journal-dream journal! I’ve never considered combining my words about dreams with drawings, but it’s a great idea.

    Last night I dreamed i was on talking on the phone with a person who was very important and I kept getting disconnected or odd voices and noises kept interrupting the conversation. The dream ended with frustration that I couldn’t find the phone number OR the phone so I could call back.

    Not a very deep dream, is it? 🙂

    • Hi Bo,
      Love your dream! Thanks for sharing…actually seems deep to me…what does it mean to you? I would love to know!

      I am having such fun over the years looking back at the dream images…some of them I have created in a larger form… and one hangs on my bedroom wall! A very empowering dream that is supporting my life right now:)

      • I meant it doesn;t seem difficult to interpret–that I was having problems communicating with the person in real life. It seems that most of the dreams I remember are of the pretty basic variety. I;ve always wondered why. Or if I’m thinking about them all wrong…and there is more than I easily see.

  2. This is so interesting and such a great idea and your drawings capture so much, I love visuals with this little story, you should expand on your dreams for short stories!
    Thanks this was fun!
    Cheri M CED

    • Hi Cheri,
      It is so interesting to me to see the images here on my blog…famous in my own mind:) Hee hee! I have found the creativity and imagery in my dreams lends itself to so much creative expression…music, dance, visual art…DRAMA!

      Thanks for stopping by:) LOVE your jewelry!

  3. Love looking at these images:)

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