Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 1, 2011

A Melody a Day~Reflections on the 30 Days of Writing Melodies


May be more than you wish to read! but I have written out my “stream of consciousness” for the 30 days of writing “a melody a day”. I will be putting this into an article soon, but for now, while it is fresh…here we go!

30 Days of Creativity

A Melody a Day

I challenged myself to write a melody a day for 30 Days. (I had done A Melody a Day a year ago and learned so much thought I would bring it around again with a new attitude.)

Giving myself a “challenge” of a simple creative task to do each day results in interesting emotions.

Here is how I planned out my “Melody a Day” assignment to myself:

1. Upon waking up go to the piano

2. Put my hand on the piano and see what notes come out

3. Record the tune on the video

Okay-Three easy steps, right? Here are several things that happen throughout this creative process:

-Voice in my head says: “nah….go to the computer and check emails” when I began to walk to the piano

-Inner creative voice says: Go to the piano…I go

-Keep it simple-just play a chord, get a key in my head, go from there

-Think about what is happening in my natural surroundings right now, reflect on that to create the melody

-add words? No, keep it simple-just a melody

-looks like I have kept each melody at about 32 beats, or 8measures (noticing s this after the fact)

-Some days, I would add chords in the left hand-others just a right hand melody

-Notice that I pressure myself to go bigger-write a song! Make it larger, add words, what is the point of a simple melody each day? Where is this going?

-I had to discipline myself to just a melody and thatn needed to be enough

-now, how to record it? Stick to play it record it on video

-I have a way of “recording” on paper writing out the name of each note with arrows to show octaves

-Dropped the written part and stuck to the pure essence of “playing the melody” and “recording with video

-Feelings pressure anxiety I hear this part way through certain melodies in the stopping and starting of each new phrase

-joy for writing a melody that paints a picture or emotion

-annoyance when I cannot just play and record in one shot

-frustration days I just did not want to write a melody I became frustrated with what I “should” do and gave myself the gift of just dropping it for the day

-Guild I challenged myself to this task of a melody a day stick to it! Drop the guilt for not following through on my own challenge

Freedom it is so freeing to play a melody record, listen to it later and free my mind

-pride I am proud of my abilities to create a tune

Past learning those piano lessons voice and theory lessons serve a greater purpose. I have knowledge that I can apply to this process as long as it doesn’t hinder the creation in which it can

-connection others have written to me wanting more…I see the ways these melodies can be used for collaboration love the idea will look further into this but for this challenge, I wanted to remain simple melodies.

-discipline-keeping to my 3 step challenge/plan seems direct and controlling, but in the control, I found my flexibility and lightness of creation. I was free to write a simple melody all strings cut to bigger ideas, collaboration, several chices of recording

-limiting choices gave me expanded freedom to create purity of creating

-discipline of sticking to the plan each day

Pulled off track by emotions others my own pressure to go bigger to collaborate

-on track created 18 melodies kept the pressure low supported myself disciplined myself used my own gifts and skills…and talent

-further? Collaboration, dance, video, personal song writing

-feeling like I want to go to the piano and just feel the joy of creating

-writing bigger, longer pieces sets in motion more work , more practice, bigger pressure exciting challenges choose wisely.


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