Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | July 29, 2011

Dream of Fox

I had a very powerful dream about a fox last night.

The fox had gorgeous fur.  She was laying under a table and her whole body could be seen, but not her head. (In the dream, I watched the whole time from the doorway of the house.)

There was a party of some kind that was starting.  Many women.  The fox sensed a change in the room.  She became scared and territorial.  She swiftly moved out from under the table and rushed the women in the room.  She choose the woman who was holding the party and lunged to bite her on the cheek.

The fox would NOT let go of the woman’s cheek. The woman screamed and screamed.

I went out into the yard and dialed 911 to let them know, feeling very sad, as I knew the fox would most likely not live after this event.

I went back to the doorway.  I saw that the fox was gone and learned that she had been shot.  I was very sad…she was so beautiful and strong.  I thought she might have pups out in the surrounding woods, and said this aloud.

Main ideas and feelings around this dream that I will explore:

Fox fur/tail
Women in a group
Protection in the wild
Biting/not letting go
Melancholy for the earth and human connection
Nature in urban settings



  1. I like your fox dream, and have recently been thinking of foxes. Foxes are a pretty rare sight around here. Last week I was driving, and a beautiful fox crossed the road ahead of me, from right to left. It (she?) was a comfortable distance ahead of me, so neither of us were startled (though it did make me happy). She just trotted across. I continued driving, and about 5 miles later, another fox that looked exactly like the first one, crossed the road from left to right, and again, a comfortable distance for both of us … and she trotted across, just like the first one had. If I’d been closer than 5 miles, I would have been sure it was the same fox. I know that she couldn’t have traveled that far so quickly. It was really kind-of a strange sensation to see two foxes within minutes, almost mirror images.

    Also, it’s very interesting that we are creating many of the same things recently … some of your sketches in recent weeks are much like ones I’ve been creating. I’ll try to send some photos soon.

    ~ Jane

  2. How delightful! I, too, have seen a fox on the side of the road standing up and watching…very unusual…
    Ready to see your photos! soul-sister:)

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