Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | August 2, 2011

Dream of Domestic

The dream I had last night was about babysitting and taking care of others.

Friends in the dream who are very wealthy wanted to fly me to the east coast to baby sit their children for a few hours.  The came bearing the gift of longhorn steer horns. (In the dream, later, I dropped the steer horns trying to pack them on the top of the car, breaking them.)

The dream evoked feelings of being controlled, feeling like a young person again with only a limited possibility of work options.  I was not even sad in the dream that the steer horns broke, just that I would most likely get in trouble for being negligent.

I felt “fenced in” and in “controlled” service to others. The dream evoked feelings of being “domesticated” and that is all my knowledge is worth.  I wanted to break out of that control, and prepare to do things for myself.

Information on longhorn steer:

When Spanish cattle brought to America by the conquistadors met and mated with cattle brought by European settlers, the result was the Texas longhorn steer. Now rare, the longhorn steer brought lots of money to cattlemen who herded them from Texas, then north to Abilene along the Chisholm Trail, which was established in 1867.

While the cattle brought $4 each in Texas, they brought $40 each in northern states, which made their owners very rich. For about 15 years, cattle drives herded the steer along the trail to railroad terminals in towns like Abilene and Kansas City. From there, the steer were taken to the slaughterhouses of Chicago.

Eventually, barbed wire fenced in the lands, ending the cattle drives. And, in time, other kinds of cattle were raised on farms closer to the railroad and meatpacking industries. Today, the Texas longhorn steer represents a colorful part of American history, and, like the buffalo of long ago, no longer moves in large herds.


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