Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | August 29, 2011


I took time out on my vacation to our family cottage to read my tarot each day.  I created images that spoke to me of the greater meaning of each card.  I looked for metaphors and stories that resonated with me at the time of each reading and wrote them along-side the images.

This morning, I read back through all of the writings. I created a list of noticings.

I looked again at the images I had created and made a list of the key images/image themes.

Here are those lists:

Key images/Image themes:

  • water
  • nature
  • sky/earth
  • moon
  • looking up
  • sword-air-intellect

Metaphor/Story Themes:

  • white pine-grapes-wings
  • searching for deeper meaning
  • travel to learn
  • letting go of the past, but using it as knowledge
  • beauty and bounty of life
  • courage. clarity.choose. commit
  • enjoy kids-light hearted abandon
  • let go of drama.  Take action
  • Increase expertise
  • leaving the rat race-clear plan
  • changing inner patterns
  • listen-speak directly
  • being a trusted teacher
  • core values-speak them
  • be still and know that I am God
  • trusting your inner voice
  • fall back on my own resources
  • releasing inner demons.  Releasing fears and doubt
  • allow for the unusual
  • open my heart-give generously

I am thrilled with what I have  discovered here!  A tangible way to keep the joy of my vacation within and create articles on the themes here!

Tarot is so much more to me then just reading the cards or woo-woo.  It is a wonderful way for me to see the metaphors and stories of my life!



  1. How wonderfully insightful! I can see where it would be quite easy to overlook some of this. I look forward to seeing where this takes you.

    • Hi Laure,
      I learned a lot! and I now have some article ideas that came from these days…will keep you posted!

  2. I love your process!

    • Thanks, Amira. I continue to remind myself that I can re-read and reflect. Really eye opening…

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