Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 6, 2011

Artist Date

I have been traveling a fair amount for work and business.  I am taking time to visit downtown shops and check out the street art…and also noticing the art in hotels.

Above are two shots from a recent trip.  The art on the buildings was crazy!

I am discovering that my creativity is taking me in the direction of clarifying my business plans.  The walks I take are great outlets to think, process and notice.  However, I am finding that what I think of as “creative” continues to be re-defined.

Let me explain. I have been “creating” something each day in the form of a visual art project:  drawing, painting, chalk, crayons… But I am seeing that I have a need to set some goals, write and plan more lately.  Is this creative?  Not in the way I normally think of it…but it is definitely creative!  I am seeing that the “creativity” I bring into each and every day varies.  Right now, I need to walk…think…and write.  I have tried to draw a bit…but it just feels like that is taking away from where I want to place my creative energies.

Does it ever feel that way to you?  What DOES creativity mean?

I continue to re-define my understanding.  The next few months, I will walk, (maybe take photos) and write.  I will plan and create new workshop ideas and ways to grow my own creative business.

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