Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | November 16, 2011

Dream of Krill

I had a dream last night about krill.  We were going to use it to fish. Then, a woman walked into the water and picked up two fish and fed them to her cat. She went back to writing. I cleaned up all of the dried krill that covered the floor.



  1. So the wise woman knew how to just take the fish she wanted … rather effortlessly it sounds. They fed her companion and probably made her happy … and as you continue this amazing path, following your heart, there will be less and less krill to clean up. 🙂 (how did I do with dream-analysis 101?) hehe

    I’ve been paying closer attention to my dreams recently. Still haven’t gotten to the point where I can write them down, as I forget them, or am in a hurry in the morning and just don’t take time to do it.

  2. Love your analysis, Jane:) Enjoy discovering the locating and images in your own! Ask just before you go to sleep….for help in remembering your dreams…this works:)

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