Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 15, 2012


Noticing…and want to share.

I have blogged for about 6 years now….in a variety of ways. I want to share a few hints, if any of you are interested.

1. Blog every day or once a week
2. Tweet your blog URL daily
3. Go to 3-5 others blogs daily and leave a comment
4. Post other blog urls either in Twitter/FB or merge them
5. Ideas for “re-purposing”, articles and information for “talks”

I am discovering that this brings about several types of “community” connections.
1. A community of like -minded “friends”…many of the bloggers from 6 years ago are still my main go-to people on the web
2. Business-referrals and connections to like minded “peeps”
3. A commnunity of learners and seekers-for years I worked with bloggers who had daily creativity/arts focused connections, as this is always important to my growth…again, all of the above connections happened, AND I had lots to blog about

Commit to posting daily or at the very least weekly. Keep it short, sweet…I know it seems like a lot…but all of us have SO much to share!

I have wanted to post this for a while now. I will also post this to my own blogs…as it still resonates with my work as I grow. The blogging for me has changed, a bit, but the above information has remained.



  1. I never thought of point No 2, but it’s so valid, thank you 🙂 and happy blogging!

  2. Hey! and there you are…a blogger friend from the beginning! I remember you posting about roosters or chickens…images from your life before moving to Scotland…? So much has changed 🙂

    Good to see you here, Monika!

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