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On my vision board for 2012 I discovered that I placed a lot of images of ancient masks, symbols and tools.  I wondered a bit on what these objects will mean for me as I go throught the start of this year.  As I stood back and looked at my vision board the word that first came to me was “storytelling”.  The next was “dreams”.

I thought I would write a bit on storytelling for this week’s article (more on dreams next week).  Getting back to creating a bit after a few weeks of digging around in more mindset work.


I love to tell stories, I love to hear stories, I love to read with my children, I love to read myself.  I am always drawn to a good story.

We gain wisdom from the stories of our families.  We gain wisdom from our own stories.  Stories are ancient ways of explaining the patterns in our lives as humans on this earth.

A story from my life that brought about big change happened the final months of my time as a classroom teacher.  I had been teaching for about 14 years and had always loved my time teaching children.

I began to feel a change in my enthusiasm for teaching when I had my own children.  At that time, I began to become frustrated most days and not completely sure why.  I found that I was blaming my annoyance on others when they were really not the source of my issues. I was teaching kindergarten then and found that I was going from one classroom into another when I went home.

One day, I went to speak with my principal on a topic about the issues of the moment when I was in a foul mood.  I sat down with her to discuss some issue…and just blurted out, “Maybe this is just not the right place for me.”

And she said, “Maybe it’s not.”

This shocked me!  As I always thought I was an amazing teacher…and how could I not be right for this work…in this place?

I looked at her (and felt even more annoyance) as I then decided that she was the problem.  But upon leaving her office, calming down and discussing this with my inner-self, I realized that she had given me a gift.  That was NOT the right place for me at that time. Not the right place for me anymore. She had called me out.  I had to look at my life and see where it was going to go next.  I was facing a huge change and letting the fear of that change block what was really happening.

Has this ever happened to you?  When you are faced with change, you find that you are placing blame everywhere, but on the real issue at hand?

This was a story from my life that set me on a new path.  A story that taught me to look for patterns of change.  A story that I remember when I see a life altering shift on the horizon.

One of my favorite storytellers is Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  She wrote this quote:

Story is far older than the art of science and psychology, and will always be the elder in the equation no matter how much time passes. —Clarissa Pinkola Estes

What is a story from your life that changed everything?

Susan Loughrin is an Arts Consultant and Creativity Coach.  She helps others see the joy and creativity in their every day lives.  Her monthly e-zine, Inner~Creative~Voice Newsletter,  brings inspiration through creativity ideas and activities that can be implemented every day. If you are ready to learn how to bring creativity and wonder into your daily life, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at



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