Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 24, 2012

Voice~Reflecting on my values


Yesterday, I posted the 10 words that encompass my values.

For the next 10 weeks, I will be reflecting on each of the words.  I will write my thoughts on each word. Then, create a visual.

This week, I am looking at the word VOICE. Here is what I wrote in my journal this AM:

  • inside to outside
  • loud soft
  • needs to be heard
  • speak when thoughts are clear
  • passion speak when speaking the truth much more likely to be heard
  • quiet or silent when listening
  • golden yellow, blue, light, but also darker when speakig passionately
  • afraid to speak when others may speak back in the negative
  • attached to emotions
  • singing brings emotions and connects to the divine, therefore, voice/speaking must also connect to the divine
  • a gift to share thoughts
  • language of the voice, most prominent means of communication, therefore, needs to be respectful and thoughtful in its use
  • allowing others to use their voice and be heard (goes with listening) reciprocation
  • always drawn to language
  • drawn to voice when thinking about my life
  • connects with teaching and sharing what I know and questioning what I don’t know
  • voices can be hurtful cutting brash boastful…voices can cut through and ring about negative thoughts
  • voices are physical…using the parts of the body that resonate sound
  • my voice can be all of these things combined
  • use my voice wisely
  • respect others voices as they reflect my own

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