Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 26, 2012

Listening~Writing out my Values


Taking time to write out my values based on the 10 words that best fit what I truly believe.

Today, I write on Listening:

  • listen to others
  • listening to others
  • listen to my inner voice
  • listening to my inner voice
  • black white grey dark blue yellow, colors that speak of listening to me
  • not fully formed
  • listen to gain clarity
  • listen to nature-birds, frogs, wind, water, voices, cat meowing, cats fighting, dog barking, laughter, crying,
  • listen to man-made sounds-cars, airplanes, lawn mowers, scooters, electric  boxes, computer hum, dishwasher, silverware, plates
  • taking the time to listen to what is around me
  • what emotions do sounds create within me?
  • what emotions do spoken words create within me?
  • when are the sounds easily moving?  when are they blocked….unable to hear
  • singing…hearing music, hearing sounds in my mind

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