Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | April 27, 2012

Teaching~Reflecting on my Values

Reflecting on the 10 words that encompass my values, my truth, my beliefs…I move on to Teaching.

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  • I have been drawn to teaching from an early age
  • discovery is a wonderful way for me to learn
  • teaching others to discover is truly enriching
  • sharing the beauty of nature is inspiring
  • sometimes I question the thoughts of sharing my knowledge
  • I believe we all learn best through observation, reflection, discovery and action
  • sometimes I do not wish to “teach” I want to DO that action….like singing…I want to sing.  Teaching others about singing is not the top priority.  The action of singing is.
  • taking the time to know what I wish to do myself and what I wish to teach is an important aspect of my own learning
  • teaching children is wonderful as they are still fully in the discovery of life
  • teaching adults is a bit more challenging, as they have a rigid belief system from years of living on the planet
  • the challenge of teaching adults is where I wish to place my teaching energy
  • do I teach because I learned it from my family?
  • Is teaching a part of who i am…or a learned behavior?
  • teaching can be exhausting
  • Do I always need another degree to teach?
  • what do I wish to teach?
  • teaching my own children is a delight
  • teaching others how I wish to be treated is a challenge
  • teaching is my way of serving the world
  • I enjoy creating a “structure” so that teachig can flow within and around that structure
  • It is also then important for that structure to be dissolved and rebuilt in different ways as I grown and learn
  • I like teaching 6 week or 12 week programs
  • I like teaching to have a “closure” moment and to begin again…like the seasons

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