Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 1, 2012

Meaning~Reflecting on my Values



Reflecting on the 10 words that encompass my values, my truth, my beliefs…I move on to Meaning:

  • create meaning in my own life
  • find how the tiny bits of meaning add up to larger ideas
  • integration of knowledge learned creates meaning
  • see/watch how others create meaning in their lives
  • how is meaning created?
  • observation of others creates and builds meaning
  • what does it mean to live on this planet?
  • Where do ideas originate?
  • How are thoughts manifested into actions?
  • using the senses supports the discovery of meaning
  • what about the perceptions that go beyond the 5 human senses?
  • what role do dreams have in making meaning?
  • Dreams images and symbols create meaning through metaphor
  • meaning can be shown through visual interpretation
  • meaning can be created through music, song, writing, dance, drama
  • languages-music, visual arts, dance, writing these are all ways to communicate meaning



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