Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 1, 2012

Organic~Reflecting on my Values


Reflecting on the 10 words that encompass my values, my truth, my beliefs…I move on to Organic:

  • green, pure, cleansing
  • creating something from nothing
  • carbon, we are all created from the materials of the earth
  • dance-movement comes from a place of creating…our feet are not always attached to the earth…we move using the muscles and tendons and cells that are fed by organic matter that we ingest
  • emotions drama, these are within our cells and our consciousness. they can be controlled or they can control us.  They seem to just be a part of our very soul
  • foods grown of the earth with care from nature, with care from humans
  • a conscious way of “knowing” what is sustainable
  • supporting the natural systems of the earth
  • caring for our water plants trees animals insects, reptiles, life itself
  • death is a part of organic nature.  Is is a certainty in all of life
  • re-birth is a certainty however what is uncertain is the form or shape it takes
  • cycle of creativity organic…

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