Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 11, 2012

Connecting~Reflecting on my Values and Beliefs

Reflecting on the 10 words that encompass my values, my truth, my beliefs…I move on to Connecting:

  • parts to whole
  • integrating creativity into everything
  • everything I do connects to everything else
  • all learning can be put into my life’s work
  • meeting people connects me to so many others
  • the red thread
  • oneness-I see myself reflected in others
  • the psychology of humans
  • listening
  • one thing leads to another even years later
  • stepping stones in the stream
  • feet on the earth
  • petting the animals
  • making eye contact
  • hugs, kisses, touch
  • massage
  • dancing with others
  • sharing the languages of creating
  • movement to connect to this body
  • sing to connect the beauty of music with others
  • drumming
  • running with arms wide open to connect with the air
  • jumping and spinning
  • smiling
  • dreaming and connecting with the other worlds

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