Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | December 28, 2012

Drawing Each Day

In November I participated in Art Every Day month.  I drew and intuitive ink drawing each AM.  This is always a joy for me.  To create every day with intention.

I noticed that the drawings for the first week were just images and shapes the popped into my head.  By the second week, I noticed a pattern of images and an art form was showing up.  I then spent time exploring just one image and creating the art form around it.  The image above is entitled “Crow”.  The art form that inspired the color and shape is from the Pacific Northwest.

It is fascinating to me how starting with something simple can bring up all of the ways I have enjoyed creating over the years.  All of those museum trips, observations and learning experiences come together to form something that is just what I wanted to create…or just what wanted to be created J

What are you creating today?

Are you interested in exploring this question further?  Looking for ways to notice what images reveal themselves to you as you create?  To reflect later on images that have come to you intuitively?  Click here to learn more about Life’s Layers, a day long mini-retreat I am holding on January 5, 2013!  I would love to see you there!


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