Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | February 6, 2013

Spinning through the Scary Bits

feet photo(151) photo(152)

Putting on shoes…dancing…taking time to create. I like to let my mind wander while I create new things that give me insights into my life. From this “dancing” or spinning I call it…I have created artwork that adds color and wonder to my life as I grow and change. There is a tiny voice that still wants to say “you are not an artist”…and a societal pull that wants to support that…and this is where the edge always enters the game for me.

So…in order to change the story of the negative voices (that does not serve me and my purpose) I dance and create anyway…dancing away the voices and allowing in the momentum that shows up in color on the page.

This has allowed me to write and write and write on my experiences…bringing together many years of thoughts and ideas. I have moved through these fears and voices by taking physical action. And have put the words into an order that will become my focus for the next year.

The voices are still there…that lizard brain talking itself through the scary bits. But if I keep on dancing, creating and side-stepping…I am finding my new story beginning to emerge…



  1. Dance, Darling, Dance! Dance like no one is watching ~ dance like you really don’t care ~ dance from the heart! ❤

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