Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | March 14, 2013

What is your animal totem?

I dreamed a few nights ago of a friend of mine (who happens to be highly intuitive…an astrologer). She said in the dream many things…but the one thought that truly stuck out was about a frozen mouse at the top of my animal totem.

(I love to interpret my dreams…and many of my morning meditations are around dreams and tarot).

I drew the mouse in my journal and created the image you see above based on that drawing. I also did some looking around to learn about mice. The key thoughts that resonate with me about mice were…

New beginnings (Native American South quadrant on the medicine wheel)
Giving Birth (mice are prolific…I am also creatively prolific)

There are other thoughts that “mouse” bring up for me.  However, the ideas above stand out as resonating with where I am right now in my life.. Mouse will be my totem for a while as I move into my new “story”.  As my life shifts and changes with the seasons.

What is your animal totem?


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