Posted by: Inner~Creative~Voice | May 14, 2013

Old Wheelbarrow

Out in the yard!  Gardening…digging up the dirt, raking, taking time to be in nature…and the plants look so happy!

Here is my trusty wheelbarrow.  Dirty, well-loved and dependable.  I use it to haul the dead leaves from last fall over to the strip of woods by our house.  Consistent hauling.  Consistent work.  Consistent moving of debris.  Until the task is completed.  I have gone out each day for an hour and done the work.  I decided to work on two garden beds and planned just what it would take to work them until completion.  Satisfying work.

I find that consistency in any project (big or small) is what it takes to see progress.  Then, we eventually get to the end of the task.  We choose when the task is done.

My article below goes into detail on another daily routine I follow.  Let me know what you think.


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